“A beautiful, serious and life-affirming book.” - The Washington Post

“At a time when the United States is wracked with debates about what constitutes a ‘real’ American, this rendering of the immigrant experience couldn’t be more important.” - Refinery 29

“Rivero’s talent for storytelling and sympathetic portrayal of many characters propels this novel above the melodrama of the telenovelas that play in the background on Valeria’s television. Book groups will thoroughly enjoy this vivid, inspired debut, a valuable addition to immigration literature.” - Library Journal (Starred Review)

“Timely and beautifully rendered.... Rivero succeeds in drawing to light the challenges many new immigrants face.... A complex and compelling portrait of Latin American immigrants and the experience of undocumented families.” - Booklist

“A nuanced look at the human cost of immigration policy.... This is, obviously, a book that has a lot to say to our current moment, but it also has an emotional appeal that is timeless and universal. Thoughtful and eye-opening, this is an admirable debut.” - Kirkus Reviews

"Melissa Rivero writes about love with all of its beauty, fierceness, and complications: of motherhood and hard choices, the bonds of family and homeland, and the sacrifices made for survival and a better future. Ana is an unforgettable character and a necessary American hero." - Lisa Ko, Author of THE LEAVERS

“An unsparing look at the world of the undocumented through the life of Peruvian immigrant Ana and her family. …Struggling to navigate the traumas of the past with the betrayals and exploitations of the present, Melissa Rivero’s The Affairs of the Falcóns does poetic justice to this riveting tale of identity, belonging, and transformation.” - Cristina García, author of DREAMING IN CUBAN and HERE IN BERLIN

"Melissa Rivero is a gifted writer with a clear view of the human heart. This novel shows us new things. It's a winner.” - Luis Alberto Urrea, author of THE HOUSE OF BROKEN ANGELS and THE DEVIL’S HIGHWAY

 “Melissa Rivero’s beautiful debut works its magic by finding the personal in the political. The theme is immigration, but at heart, this is a story about family—the long-standing tensions, the profound bonds, the depth of spousal, parental and filial love. It’s at once a timeless work and a book we urgently need now.” Rumaan Alam, author of RICH AND PRETTY and THAT KIND OF MOTHER

"The Affairs of the Falcóns is a powerfully honest testament to the strength of immigrant mothers. May we all see them, honor them, and fight for them in the way Melissa Rivero sees, honors, and fights for Ana, free of judgement and full of love." - Natalia Sylvester, author of CHASING THE SUN and EVERYONE KNOWS YOU GO HOME